Engineering Solutions

Our staff of industry-experienced professionals are skilled in a variety of disciplines including mechanical, electrical and software engineering. Their advanced technical knowledge and ingenuity help to successfully guide a project through its entire lifecycle, including test and installation. Our areas of expertise range from repair and replacement of legacy components to design and implementation of prototypes.

Manufacturing and Repair

manufacturing and repair
Our technical knowledge, combined with our advanced Manufacturing lab, enables us to prototype and manufacture highly complex products all under one roof. Whether supporting a build-to-print effort, providing drawings and technical data, or fulfilling the manufacture of a newly designed system, X Technologies follows a tightly controlled manufacturing process.

Information Technology

information technology
From systems administration to network security management to help desk operations, we have the experience to operate and maintain your mission-critical infrastructure at the application, LAN, MAN and WAN levels. We configure and test all systems, manage their administration, monitor availability, provide help desk support to end users, perform routine maintenance and repairs, and upgrade components and versions to keep the network at peak performance.

Information Security

information security
Our certified security professionals specialize in providing organizations the necessary guidance to enhance their network security. X Technologies assists its customers in identifying potential security flaws, address all critical components of a successful IT Security Compliance program, and infiltrating new measures to alleviate future potential security risks.

Program Management

Program Management
Our certified program managers are experienced team leaders capable of aligning processes and maintaining contact with necessary points of contact.