Engine Test

Engine Test
Why X Technologies For Your Engine Test Solutions?

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With a strong reputation in the development of Automatic Test Equipment, X Technologies is confident in our ability to provide our customers with world-class, cost effective, tailored solutions. Our comprehensive open software and hardware designs enable the creation of versatile, scalable, multi vendor solutions. Our software engineers possess the expertise to develop custom software test programs resulting in reusable, modular test programs that are easily configured to meet new requirements.

X Technologies, Inc. is dedicated to providing its customers, both military and commercial, with state-of-the-art, reliable test systems, test instruments, and test software. Our highly educated and knowledgeable staff boasts over 100 man-years of engine test solution experience. We work extensively with our customers to define and fulfill all test requirements by providing quality support solutions, designing customizable ATEs, and enhancing software capabilities. As well, we can provide you the following services:

  • Hardware Architecture
  • System Architecture
  • Logistics
  • Hardware Design
  • Technical Manual Development
  • Hardware Build
  • Obsolescence Studies
  • Lead TPS Development
  • Technology Insertion
  • Complete Logistic Support

Engine Test Set Experience:
U.S. Navy Jet Engine Test Instrumentation (JETI)
U.S. Navy Shaft Engine Test Instrumentation (SETI)
U.S. Navy Turboprop Engine Test Instrumentation (TPTI)
U.S. Air Force Automatic Ground Engine Test (AGET)