COMSEC Logistics SME/Inventory Manager

~~Title: COMSEC Logistics SME/Inventory Manager
Work Location: Building 3030 (130 Norton St, Port San Antonio, TX)  
Security Clearance: Must have an active government clearance
Position Status: Full-Time: Exempt, Salaried

• Facilitate NSA Tier 1 and AF MILSTRIP format transactions through various Communications Security (COMSEC) and AF Stock Control systems

• Understand the history, structure, and meaning of the logistics and technical source data
• Have familiarity with the AF COMSEC/CCI supply process as it pertains to the serialized control assets that move in and out of the AF standard supply DODAAC and COMSEC accounts
• Be familiar with the logistics source data systems to include, but are not limited to, D035a, SBSS, AFEMS, G081, IMDS, LIMS-EV, NSA Tier 1, CDAS, PIDS, AIS, CMCS, UNTIES, CMAT, DLA translation of MILSTRIP and NSA translation of CMCS SF153
• Be familiar with DODAACS and AF logistics processes regarding the tracking of serialized control COMSEC/CCI. The proposed personnel shall be familiar with the processing of MIPRSS to NSA using the eMIPR process
• Have active secret security clearance
• Experience in working directly with government personnel in identifying and resolving issues with data reporting
• Experience in working with and COMSEC-related systems
• Experience in working with Communications Security (COMSEC) Accounts, NSA Tier 1 transactions, AF Stock Control accounts, and AF MILSTRIP format transactions
• Experience with AF Stock Control Systems (SCS) management systems
• Experience with Integrated Master Schedule, test evaluation plan and status reporting

Applicants that do not meet the minimum requirements will not be considered for the position.

Please send a resume to e-mail, or call 210.822.8712 for other accommodations.

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