Cyber Support Windows Specialist / TO - CS Systems Architecture Windows

Incumbent provides expert operating system defense for Windows operating system; identify and mitigate operating system vulnerabilities and imbedded persistent threats with a focus on basic forensics and software engineering; and detect and emulate operating system adversary TTPs.


Knowledge of: circuit analysis; computer algorithms; computer networking fundamentals; critical protocols (e.g., IPSEC, AES, GRE, IKE, MD5, SHA, 3DES); cryptology; database systems; DoD Component-level IA architecture; DoD confidentiality, integrity, and availability requirements; DoD evaluation and validation requirements; electrical engineering as applied to computer architecture, including circuit boards, processors, chips, and associated computer hardware; embedded systems; existing IA security principles, policies, and procedures; fault tolerance; how system components are installed, integrated, and optimized; human-computer interaction principles; IA Certification and Accreditation process; IA or IA-enabled software products; Information Assurance principles and tenets (confidentiality, integrity, availability, authentication, non-repudiation), network access and authorization (e.g., public key infrastructure); network design processes, network security architecture, including the application of Defense-In-Depth principles; operating systems; OSI model and underlying networking protocols (e.g. TCP/IP).

Applicants that do not meet the minimum requirements will not be considered for the position

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