System Engineer I (Multiple Positions)

Roles & responsibilities

Evaluates IT system problems of workflow, organization, and planning. Develops appropriate corrective action. Specialize in RedHat Certificate System (RHCS) and directory server (DS).  Ensures hardware and software components of the system are compatible and functioning in accordance with design specifications.

Analyzes infrastructure and proposes hardware and software configuration upgrades.  Designs and implements interfaces on the DoD PKI infrastructure.  Develops and executes system integration tests.  Provides documentation to support IA accreditation, including STIG checklists and change request documentation.

Designs and implements the interface between a proxy and the DoD PKI CAs on the PKI infrastructure.  Develops and documents the CRs needed to modify the hardware and software to support the SIPR REL DMZ capability.

Performs requirements analysis and develop Requirements Specification Document for new PKE custom software.  Contributes to feasibility study for new PKE custom software.  Designs computer systems and checks system specifications.  Performs functional analysis and test the computer applications.


Capable of analyzing information technology requirements.

BS or BA degree in Computer Science, Information Systems Management, Mathematics, Operations Research, Statistics, or Engineering.

2 years relevant experience in system engineering.

At least 1 year of experience in analytical problem solving related to information technology work flow, organization, and planning.

Top Secret clearance.

U.S. citizen

Preferred Experience:

                DoD PKI Certificate Authorities



Delegated identity credentials

Area:  Baltimore/DC Corridor

Applicants that do not meet the minimum requirements will not be considered for the position.
For an application, please e-mail or call 210.822.8712 for other accommodations. Please send a resume.
X Technologies is an Equal Opportunity Employer